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Prestwick Promenade Celebrations

Thanks to all those who came to chat with June and Margaret about local issues at our joint stall on Prestwick Prom Day on Saturday 3rd August – it was a fantastic day!  We had prepared a questionnaire for members of the public to give us their thoughts and opinions and we really appreciate all those who took the time to complete it.  We will publish the results very soon.

Vacancies – Prestwick North

There are vacancies for Community Councillors in Prestwick North Community Council.  Please contact Margaret Milligan or Derek Hart for further information.

Vacancies – Prestwick South

There are currently 6 vacancies for Community Councillors in Prestwick South Community Council – 4 in the South West Sub Ward – and 2 in the South East Sub Ward.  Please contact us at if you would like to apply.

June Meetings

Prestwick North (PNCC) and Prestwick South (PSCC) Community Councils are writing a combined editorial this month, as we are highlighting items which are of interest to Prestwick Community as a whole and we now share this website.

At the June meeting of  PNCC, it was confirmed that funding had been granted by South Ayrshire Paths Initiative (SAPI) to install 6 bicycle racks in Prestwick ( 2 locations of 3 cycle racks). Suggested locations were outside the Post Office Building at the Cross, Boydfield Gardens near the phone boxes, outside the South Church and at the bottom of Gardiner Street. SAPI are progressing this and will advise us in due course where the racks will be.

A complaint was raised about the need for another controlled crossing at the end of St. Quivox Road at the Main Street. Ayrshire Roads Alliance have indicated this should be raised through the relevant community councils and SAC elected members. After discussion, it was agreed that feedback would be sought from the Prestwick Community, by featuring this idea in our Facebook pages and joint website, and these will be updated shortly to gain responses.

At their June meeting, PSCC discussed in depth the potential merger of the two Prestwick Community Councils, both of which are composed of elected volunteers from the Prestwick Community.  PSCC work in close partnership with their colleagues from PNCC.

The general purpose of a Community Council is to ascertain, co-ordinate and express the wider views of the entire community within its boundaries. Community Councils will seek to represent and include all sections of their communities, regardless of age, gender, ability, ethnic origin, political or religious beliefs, or sexual orientation. They can complement the role of the local authority but are not part of local government.

Community Councils are also able to involve themselves in a wide range of other activities including fundraising, organising community events, undertaking environmental and educational projects and much more.

Community Councils have a formal role in the planning system. As a result of the Local Government (Scotland) Act 1994, they have a statutory right since 1996 to be formally consulted on all planning applications.

In addition, as a result of the Town and Country Planning (Scotland) Act 2006 Community Councils have been given a particular role to play in relation to formal consultation on any major planning proposals for their area. They are also consulted when development plans are being prepared.

At their meetings, both PNCC & PSCC discuss various and often, similar, issues affecting Prestwick Residents.  One issue that has been a constant hot topic for both groups, is a potential merger of the two groups to form one dynamic Prestwick Community Council.  

As part of their research, Office Bearers from PNCC and PSCC met with South Ayrshire Council Communities Representatives to request information about the Legal Process and any implications.  Prestwick originally had just one Community Council until it was decided to split into PNCC & PSCC. The groups are currently investigating how this was carried out and we will publish our findings in due course.

Our next meeting(s) will be in August, date and venue to be confirmed.

If you have any issues you would like to raise with us or if you have a Community Event that you would like to publicise, please contact us here PSCC use Twitter at @PikSCC and Facebook

Take Five – action against Fraud

Take Five is a national campaign that offers straight-forward and impartial advice to help everyone protect themselves from preventable financial fraud. This includes email deception and phone-based scams as well as online fraud – particularly where criminals impersonate trusted organisations. Led by Financial Fraud Action UK (part of UK Finance) and backed by Her Majesty’s Government, it is being delivered with and through a range of partners in the UK payments industry, financial services firms, law enforcement agencies, telecommunication providers, commercial, public and third sector organisations.

Click on the image below to find out more from the official website


Scam Mail Alert from Royal Mail

Royal Mail contacted us this month to ask us to raise awareness of Scam mail which is, sadly, a very real threat.

Please click the poster and share this information with all your friends, family and social networks to make everyone aware of these criminals.



South Ayrshire Council

Another chance to have your say – take part in South Ayrshire Budget survey

South Ayrshire Council Live

Thanks to the Organisational Development Team for providing the attached link to their new online newspaper

South Ayrshire Council Live.

The newspaper is part of their commitment to celebrating our people and our places. It will recognise our communities and the great work that council services and employees do to serve them.  The e-newspaper will be updated regularly, with a completely new edition published each month.  South Ayrshire Council Live can be viewed online on a range of devices, including mobile phones and tablets (Flash player is required).  It can also be made available in alternative formats and a printable PDF version is available at the link above. We hope you enjoy the first edition.

Main Issues Report (MIR)

South Ayrshire Council Planning Department provide their initial response to the recent MIR Consultation.  Read the results on their Planning page

Click here to explore South Ayrshire’s Local Development Plan as an interactive story map.

Balancing the Budget 2018

The public consultation ended on 11 February 2018.  Read the Results here


Kingcase Primary School

We wanted to share the excellent news from Kingcase Primary School, Scottish Winners of the Better Energy School Awards


South Ayrshire Life – Exciting activities in your area