Prestwick Airport

Prestwick Airport Glasgow Prestwick Airport was purchased by the Scottish Government in November 2013 to protect jobs and safeguard a strategic infrastructure asset. The airport operates as a commercial business at an arm’s length from the Government. A Group Structure was put in place following the purchase of the airport. This structure […]

Planning Report

PSCC Planning Convener, Mr Michael S Evans prepares a monthly report from South Ayrshire Council’s Planning application statistics for Prestwick as a whole. PRESTWICK PLANNING REPORT NOVEMBER 2021 PRESTWICK PLANNING REPORT SEPTEMBER 2021 PRESTWICK PLANNING REPORT AUGUST 2021 PRESTWICK PLANNING REPORT JULY 2021 PRESTWICK PLANNING REPORT APRIL 2021

Police Reports

Thank you to our local Police for providing the attached monthly summary: PRESTWICK POLICE REPORT – SEPTEMBER 2021